ServiceNow Plugin
Rundeck, Inc.

Includes Rundeck workflow steps that changes an incident state, checks assigned incidents, checks an incident state, comments an incident, creates an incident, and provides server information from Service Now CMDB.

The built in ServiceNow plugins are built to help customers automate the creation of incidents and change records within ServiceNow. The various job steps give you total control over your workflow, allowing you to create and edit ServiceNow incidents and change records within your Rundeck jobs.

The ServiceNow plugins bundled with Rundeck Enterprise include workflow steps for:

  • Creates an incident
  • Changes an incident state,
  • Checks assigned incidents,
  • Checks an incident state,
  • Add comments an incident

Notification plugins include the ability to:

  • Create Incidents
  • Comment on Incidents
  • Create a Change Record

The included Resource plugin gathers information from ServiceNow CMDB to populate your nodes entries.

This plugin is bundled with Rundeck Enterprise.