Rocket.Chat Notification
John Szaszvari


A RunDeck plugin that allows jobs to post Start/Sucess/Failure notifications directly into a Rocket.Chat instance in a relatively good looking manner.


  • Specify different channels for Success/Failure notifications.
  • Different colour notifications for Success/Fail/Start.
  • Several kinds of messages supported by different templates.


  • Build the JAR from source.
  • Place the .jar into your RunDeck plugins folder located at $RDECK_BASE/libext/, by default /var/lib/rundeck/libext/.
  • Restart RunDeck.


  • Set up a Incoming Integration in Rocket.Chat and take note of the URL.
  • Turn on notifications in the Job.
  • Put the URL in the 'Rocket.Chat WebHook URL' field .
  • Fill in the name of the channel you want the notifications to go to.
  • (Optional) Chose a template. The default template is rocket-chat-incoming-message.ftl.

Building from Source

$ git clone
$ cd rundeck-rocketchat-notifier
$ gradle build

Once the build is complete the compiled .jar will be in be in the build/libs folder. Initial build should take a few minutes to run, subsequent builds should take a few seconds.



Example Notifications


Example Config