Puppet MCollective Nodes

A script based mcollective node resource provider employing the mcollective mco uility.


Resource Model Source Provider Script Plugin

This plugin will make use of an underlying MCollective Installation by exploiting the mco utility

The interface currently implemented is:

mco rpc rpcutil -j inventory

Optionally if mongodb is supported, the following may be used which shall significantly increase performance when generating the reosurce model:

mco rpc --dm mongo rpcutil -j inventory

in order for this plugin to function, the MCollective Client must be installed and configured, for example the mco utility is owned by the mcollective-client rpm package:

[chuck@stubhub-centos62-64-vm6 rundeck-mcollective-nodes]$ rpm -qf /usr/bin/mco mcollective-client-2.2.0-1.el6.noarch

See the following regarding mcollective and optional mongodb support:




Additionally, json/ruby support must exist, which is needed to transform derived json data to resourcexml format. This is typically provided by the ruby json gem and is installed/verified like so:

[chuck@stubhub-centos62-64-vm6]$   sudo gem install json

[chuck@stubhub-centos62-64-vm6]$   gem list json
*** LOCAL GEMS ***
json (1.7.5)