Version: 1.2.1
PagerDuty Notification
Rundeck, Inc.

Use this notification plugin to send trigger events to your PagerDuty service.

Use this notification plugin to send trigger events to your PagerDuty service.

The plugin requires one parameter:

  • subject: This string will be set as the description for the generated incident.

Context variables usable in the subject line:

  • ${job.status}: Job execution status (eg, FAILED, SUCCESS).
  • ${job.project}: Job project name.
  • ${}: Job name.
  • ${}: Job group name.
  • ${job.user}: User that executed the job.
  • ${job.execid}: Job execution ID.


Generate jar file using:

./gradlew build

Copy the jar file to the plugins directory:

cp build/libs/pagerduty-notification-X.Y.Z.jar  to $RDECK_BASE/libext

and start using it!


The plugin only requires the 'service_key' configuration entry. There are two optional configurations if you send requests through an egress proxy.

  • service_key: This is the API Key to your service.

Configure the service_key in your project configuration by adding an entry like so: $RDECK_BASE/projects/{project}/etc/


Or configure it at the instance level: $RDECK_BASE/etc/

  • proxy_host (optional): Your egress proxy host.
  • proxy_port: Required if proxy_host is set. The port the network egress proxy accepts traffic on.

These can be configured at the project level. Most likely this needs to be configured at the instance level: $RDECK_BASE/etc/