OpsGenie Notification
Corentin Chary

Use this notification plugin to send alert events to your OpsGenie service.

The plugin requires one parameter:

  • subject: This string will be set as the description for the generated incident.

Context variables usable in the subject line:

  • ${job.id}: Job ID.
  • ${job.status}: Job execution status (eg, FAILED, SUCCESS).
  • ${job.project}: Job project name.
  • ${job.name}: Job name.
  • ${job.group}: Job group name.
  • ${job.username}: User that executed the job.
  • ${job.user.email}: Email address of user that executed the job.
  • ${job.execid}: Job execution ID.
  • ${job.retryAttempt}: Retry attempt number.
  • ${job.wasRetry}: True if execution is retry.


Copy the groovy script to the plugins directory:

cp src/OpsGenieNotification.groovy to $RDECK_BASE/libext

and start using it!


The plugin only requires the 'api_key' configuration entry. There are also a few optional configurations.

  • api_key: This is the API Key to your service.

Configure the api_key in your project configuration by adding an entry like so: $RDECK_BASE/projects/{project}/etc/project.properties


Or configure it at the instance level: $RDECK_BASE/etc/framework.properties


All options

Option Scope Default Required Description
api_key Any None Yes Integration API Key
message Any ${job.status} [${job.project}] \"${job.name}\" Yes Message template.
description Any ${job.status} [${job.project}] \"${job.name}\" run by ${job.user} (#${job.execid}) [${job.href}] No Description template.
alias Any ${job.id} No alias template.
source Any ${job.href} No Source template.
proxy_host Project None Yes Your egress proxy host.
proxy_port Project None If proxy_host is set the port the network egress proxy accepts traffic on.