Jenkins Plugins
Jenkins CI

Plugins for Jenkins to call Rundeck Jobs after successful builds, using Jenkins as an Option Provider for Rundeck Jobs, and tiggering a build on Jenkins after a Rundeck Job executes.

Jenkins Rundeck plugin

This plugin is a Jenkins Notifier (Publisher) that will talk to a Rundeck instance (via its HTTP API) to schedule a job execution on Rundeck after a successful build on Jenkins. It is also a Jenkins Trigger, that will schedule a build on Jenkins after a job execution on Rundeck (using Rundeck WebHook Notification). In addition, it turns Jenkins into an “Option provider” for Rundeck, if you want to use your Jenkins build artifacts as an option to a Rundeck job. We use it to do a 0-click deployment : from commit to deploy, automatically. Jenkins build the project, and Rundeck deploys it. This plugin does the link between these 2 tools. * Jenkins : * Rundeck : * Plugin documentation :