IRC Notification Plugin
Rundeck, Inc.

Send job notifications to an IRC channel


This is a Rundeck Notification plugin that will send a message to an IRC channel. The plugin appears as “RundeckBot” to the channel, issues a message and then disconnects.

Here’s an example message:

RundeckBot: [START] "say hi" run by alexh: http://Targa.local:4440/execution/follow/129

The message contains the trigger name (START), the job name (“say hi”), who started it (“alexh”) and a URL to follow the execution.

Build / Deploy

To build the project from source, run: gradle build. The resulting jar will be found in build/libs.

Copy the jar to Rundeck plugins directory. For example, on an RPM installation:

cp build/libs/irc-notification-1.0.0.jar /var/lib/rundeck/libext

or for a launcher:

cp build/libs/irc-notification-1.0.0.jar $RDECK_BASE/libext

Then restart the Rundeck service.


To use the plugin, configure your job to send a notification for on start, success or failure. There are just two configuration properties for the plugin:

  • server: The IRC server host (eg,
  • channel: The IRC channel name (eg “#mychannel”)

The example job below sends a notification on start:

- id: a3528977-cc67-4d50-97d4-729845c643b9
  name: say hi
  description: this is the hi saying job
  project: examples
  loglevel: INFO
  multipleExecutions: true
    keepgoing: false
    strategy: node-first
    - script: |-
        #!/usr/bin/env python
        print 'this is a python script'
        type: IRC
          channel: '#mychannel'
  uuid: a3528977-cc67-4d50-97d4-729845c643b9


Output from the IRC communication can be found in Rundeck’s service.log.