Consul Nodes

Plugin to aquire and release resources in RunDeck using Consul. Provides a shared resource semaphore mechanism.

Use case

You need jobs to coordinate for resource availability and the ability to essentially pause all jobs until resources are available. E.g. your core data warehouse is down and you don't want jobs to run that depend upon the warehouse, set a limit to 0 for a resource and things will pause and wait for the resource to become available. NOTE this is a work in progress and the above is the eventual goal, right now it acts as a limit to just control number of concurrent running jobs


Consul installed in /usr/local/bin/ - hopefully configurable in the future as a global property. See Consul MUST be greater than version 7 Connects to API via Localhost - this may be configurable in the future.


  • Put the zip files from make zip into your libext folder in rundeck (e.g. /var/lib/rundeck/libext).
  • In consul ( create a key resources/$PATH/limit with a value of the MAX number of concurrent processes you want to allow.
  • In consul ( create a key resources/$PATH/used with a value of 0 - this will track how many are currently in use


In a job, add a step for acuiring a resource, and a step for releasing the resource. NOTE! UNLESS the release job completes, the resource will NOT be updated.

  • Path is the path in consul - e.g. resources/$PATH - locks are made at that path, and it reads limit and writes to used under that path


Special thanks to for Makefile and some basic examples of how to do a shell plugin Thanks to rundeck team for an interesting piece of software...