Chef Nodes
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Web service to provide Chef node data to Rundeck projects.


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A simple Sinatra app that presents matching node results of a Chef search formatted as a RunDeck resource list.


Install the gem and fire up chef-rundeck. Point it at a Chef client config file (a knife config would be ideal) using the -c flag and provide the URI for your Chef server's web UI.

Configuration Notes

chef-rundeck binds to "localhost," which may result in it binding to an IPv6-only address in certain configurations. If this isn't what you want, try starting chef-rundeck with the -o switch, e.g. -o

You can use the -u switch to override the username that is inserted into a project as the remote user that Rundeck should use for execution. The default is the system user that executes chef-rundeck, which may not be what you expect.

chef-rundeck now supports partial search against Enterprise Chef and OSS Chef servers running version 11 or greater!
If your organization has many nodes and you notice slow performance from chef-rundeck, try turning it on with --partial-search true.

chef-rundeck caches the generated resource XML for a project by default for 30 seconds. If this behavior ruins your day, change the number of seconds a document is cached by using the -t switch.

Further configuration details can be found on the [wiki] (

Rundeck Configuration

Ensure each project has the URL Source under Resource Model Source. By default, the sinatra app is on localhost, port 9980 (http://localhost:9980).

Notes on Patches/Pull Requests

We want your cool additional feature. Here's how to give it to us:

  • Fork the project.
  • Make your feature addition or bug fix.
  • Add tests for it. THIS IS IMPORTANT as it ensures no one else will break your feature accidentally somewhere down the line.
  • If you're adding a feature, please also add documentation.
  • Exception: Please don't change the Rakefile, version or history files!
  • Commit your changes and push them to your GitHub repo. Bonus points for committing your changes to a named topic branch ("awesome_new_feature" > "master")
  • Send us a pull request through the GitHub UI.


Original code © 2010 Adam Jacob. Released to the open source community under the Apache license in 2013. See the LICENSE file for details.