Find and Manage Plugins

Rundeck Enterprise 3.1 contains a new feature, Plugins Manager, which allows you to manage plugins directly from the Rundeck administrative console using the Official Rundeck Plugins repository.

Plugin Manager provides:

  • Search and filter – Browse all Rundeck supported plugins, installed custom plugins, and your own internal repositories.
  • Install/uninstall – Download plugin from a repository to the Rundeck server plugin directory (libext).
  • Show configurations parameters – View and compare plugin settings.
  • Upload plugins  – Install a plugin by selecting a file.

Before 3.1 the only way to install a plugin was to know where to download the plugin file, get it and put it in the correct directory, and then copy it to all the other Rundeck instances.

Find and install plugins

Find Plugins queries the Rundeck Official repository and your Private repositories. Search for a plugin by keyword and filter the list.

  • Installed– List plugins in the libext directory on the localhost
  • Not installed– List available plugins which are not on the localhost but are available in the official repository
  • All– List all available plugins

Status – installed, built-in, and not installed

Each plugin displays with information about the plugin which is read from the plugin configuration file. The state of the plugin shows under the title bar, where:

  • Uninstall – Allows you to remove the plugin. This indicates that it is installed on the local host.
  • Blank – No button indicates a built-in plugin.  To remove the plugin go to the Plugins > Installed Plugins menu.
  • Install – Plugin is available in the Rundeck repository but not installed on the local host.

Plugin details

Each plugin provides detailed information, including the plugin version, the Rundeck version it is compatible with, the author, support status, a brief description and a link to the full documentation and source.

Plugin Manager Permission

Plugins installation is system-wide and therefore access to the menu requires system level permissions. To grant access, add a system rule for the user or group on the Plugin (All) resource that allows read, install, uninstall, admin or * (all) permissions.

Rule definition in the editor:

  group: group_name
description: Manage installed plugins
  -  allow: '*'
       kind: plugin
  application: rundeck