Thursday Oct 10, 2019

Automate Incident Response Using Webhooks

Sneak preview and Q&A with the team behind Rundeck’s newest feature, webhooks. This is your chance to provide feedback directly to our developers.

Webhooks is a reverse API feature that allows external systems, such as PagerDuty, to post events. Rundeck parses the message and reacts to the event by running one or more jobs. Rundeck uses the message data to determine whether or not to run the jobs, which targets (nodes) to run the job on, and the values to set in job options.

Reserve your spot today to preview and discuss:
*How to define the webhook URL
*Set rules that map events to jobs
*Parse message data
*Set up job execution policies for the event
*Map message data to the job options

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Thursday Oct 10, 2019
10:00 AM PST | 1:00 PM EST