Tuesday Dec 10, 2019

Global SKILup Day

DevOps Institute is declaring December 10, 2019 as Global SKILup Day (GSD) – a non-stop continuous learning virtual event. Announcing the world’s FIRST GLOBAL SKILup DAY which is a day for the Humans of DevOps to “Get Stuff Done” by focusing on continuous learning and growing their career by adding actionable knowledge to their skills portfolio.

To celebrate, DevOps Institute will be hosting a unique and continuous 18-hour virtual event where every session provides a bite-sized opportunity to learn HOW to do actionable aspects related to DevOps and digital transformation.

The agenda will be a strong blend of human, process, and automation know-how which is very unique and this first Global SKILup Day virtual event will be led by some of the most experienced and well-known influencers from the DevOps, Agile, ITSM, Cloud and SRE communities.

Global SKILup Day is part of DevOps Institute’s commitment to advance the Humans of DevOps through our Skills, Knowledge, Ideas, Learning (SKIL) framework.

Did we mention it’s FREE?

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Tuesday Dec 10, 2019
04:00 AM PST | 07:00 AM EST