Thursday Sep 12, 2019

Comcast DevOps Day Denver

Slides from Damon Edwards’ presentation:


Rundeck is coming to a city near you!  We’re excited to sponsor Comcast DevOps Day Denver, Sept. 12th at the Commons at Champa. It’s a great opportunity to learn the latest trends, hear from 100s of your peers in the trenches, and network with others driving DevOps transformations.

Come out and meet the team.  We’ll be talking Self-Service Operations and Runbook Automation for Incident Management with our own Damon Edwards.  Don’t miss his presentation,  Solving DevOps’ Last Mile Problem, to find out why some DevOps transformations flourish, but others are stalling. Why is that?  Damon makes the case that Operations is the most predictable differentiator.

Here Is What You Need To Know:

  • 1-day, community-based event
  • Designed for practitioners to discuss their challenges and share their experiences
  • Format is a single-track of speakers plus open space sessions (group discussions about topics voted on by attendees)
  • Industry speakers who are experts in SRE, Operations, and DevOps
  • Totally FREE, thanks to the sponsors (includes breakfast and lunch)

Event Details

Comcast DevOps Day – Denver 

Thursday September 7th, 2019

Commons at Champa
1245 Champa St.
Denver, CO  80204

Topics we hope to cover: 

  • Microservices 
  • Cloud technologies
  • Test Automation 
  • Emerging Trends in Dev Ops 
  • Security Orchestration Automation 
  • Open Source Software 
  • CI/CD
  • And many more  
Previous Event
Thursday Sep 12, 2019
04:00 AM PST | 07:00 AM EST
The Commons at Champa
1245 Champa St, Denver, CO 80204